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Annie Koerner-Schultz

Math Tutor

"Babies are natural counters of things. Sometimes academics and the academic environment can derail a child's native and intuitive understanding of numbers and their patterns. It is her hope and intention to restore a child's understanding and confidence in their own way and in their own speed."

Annie has worked in public education in Texas and Arizona for 30 plus years. With a Bachelor of Art degree in Psychology for the University of Arizona, and a Master of Education from Texas State University, she stumbled upon the realization that people who struggle with math can help others who struggle with math. "For those of us who don't get that math guru standing at the front of the room speaking in Greek, there are multiple ways to discover the beauty, elegance and sheer fun of math."

Annie has instructed and tutored high school algebra,geometry, statistics, and math fundamentals. Most recently she worked with adult learners in GED math and ESL Level 1.

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