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Laura Beatty

Math and Writing Specialist

Laura has participated in Autism Academies and received specialized training to teach students with Dyslexia, behavioral concerns, learning disabilities in reading, written language, math,  and Autism.

Laura Beatty is a retired public school teacher with certifications in general education and special education.  She taught for 30 years in San Antonio area schools.  Her BS in Education is from the University of Kansas. She has participated in professional development for Language Arts and Math instruction throughout her career as an educator. Laura’s experience includes 7 years being an elementary classroom teacher, 6 years teaching students with special needs at a secondary level, and 17 years teaching elementary students with special needs as a special education teacher.  After retiring from public school teaching, Laura was invited to teach at the University of Science and Technology in Quingdao, China.  She taught formal/critical writing, reading in English, business English, and oral English while in China.

Laura believes that every student can learn and wants to learn.  She works with students to find the combination of strategies and materials that will help them be successful.  Her teaching strategies and philosophy about student learning is very student centered.

Laura enjoys traveling and exploring new places.  She hikes and kayaks and seeks out interesting places to visit.  She also enjoys museums and reading.  She has 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren.

She is looking forward to helping your child become an independent and motivated life-long learner.  

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