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Veronica Tristan

Licensed Educational Diagnostician

Veronica is a bilingual diagnostician with more than 10 years of testing students for dyslexia and other disabilities. She also holds a Master’s degree in Special Education and is currently obtaining her doctorate with a focus in Special Education practices.

Veronica Tristan is an experienced bilingual diagnostician who is driven to collaborate in an environment that promotes individualized learning for children with disabilities.

A person can be tested by a neurologist or a diagnostician. Veronica is a Licensed Educational Diagnostician (Bilingual) for the State of Texas.

Tests are completed usually last between two and four hours depending on the pace and knowledge of a student. These tests can measure:

  • Cognitive abilities

  • Oral language

  • Listening comprehension

  • And all academic skills (phonemic awareness, reading, writing skill, spelling, and math skills)

She holds a certification in bilingual education, and special education. She also holds a principal certification and is certified as an educational diagnostician. 

She is passionate about helping children who struggle with dyslexia and other learning differences. She is a dedicated educator with a son that also suffers from dyslexia. She understands the importance of teaching to a child’s individual needs. She has an inclusive philosophy and believes that all students should have an opportunity to learn to read.

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