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Kindergarten Prep

Starting school is an exciting time in a child’s life! When you feel like your child is not prepared, it can leave you feeling stressed and anxious. We can help ease your stress with kindergarten prep tutoring! Our early childhood tutor has almost 20 years experience teaching Kindergarten and 2nd grade so she is ready to help get your child prepared! Our tutors will be working with your child one to one. The qualified teacher can pinpoint the academic areas to help your child be more successful.


At your child’s first session we will use a screener to assess their needs and get started! Sessions will start using the Texas Pre-Kindergarten guidelines and will advance as skills are mastered. 

Kindergarten-2nd Grade - Tutoring

Is your child struggling in school? Are you noticing gaps in their learning? We offer tutoring to help support your child. Tutoring can be provided in phonics, reading, spelling, hand writing, and math concepts. 

We strive to help your child become a more fluent reader. A screener will be administered to assess your child’s strengths and areas to improve.


We can increase your child’s knowledge in math. Whether it is; number sense, estimation, addition to multiplication, our experienced staff can show your child the ‘how to.’

Tutoring sessions will be a fun and engaging way to boost your child’s skills and give them the confidence they need to succeed in school.

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