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Marcia Harlan

Dyslexia Specialist

Marcia is a member of The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) which is a non-profit education and advocacy organization devoted to issues surrounding dyslexia. 


Marcia has close to forty years in the field of educating young students.  She earned her degree in elementary education at Texas Wesleyan University in Ft. Worth, Texas.  She is a certified professional who has dedicated her life to ensuring that students achieve and learn the love of reading.


Prior to serving as a dyslexia specialist at Travis Elementary School, San Marcos, for nineteen years, Marcia taught in the Kindergarten through Fourth Grade classrooms.  Throughout those eighteen years, she became acutely aware and sensitive to the struggling readers in her classroom, which began her journey of discovering why they were having difficulty.  More importantly, her deep interest led her to the reality that these struggling readers actually did have the potential to learn and flourish.  Her desire to acquire all the skills she could to facilitate their success led her to the Neuhaus Education Learning Center in Houston, where she studied over the course of five years, totaling over 200 hours of training in Multisensory Reading instruction.  Following her training, for three summers, she facilitated long distance learning from Neuhaus for teachers in Language Enrichment training. 


As a dyslexia specialist, she mentored teachers as they were acquiring the skills of teaching reading, taught students in first through fifth grades daily, served as a Response to Intervention committee lead, and served on the districts’ Dyslexia placement committee for nineteen years.


 As rewarding as these responsibilities were, her greatest passion has always been to work with the struggling reader, especially those that have been found to have dyslexic characteristics and other learning difficulties.  Teaching them to “break the code” of the complex English language, giving them the love of a variety of different language forms, playing with word meanings and learning to spell, continues to be what Marcia is most passionate about.

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